International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


The computer network connection without wire or any cable is referring as wireless network. These wireless local area networks are popular for its worldwide applications. It has covered wide scale wireless local area network. The large scale systems to all applicable areas make large numbers of wireless termination and covering very much area. To reduce the complexity associated with server management, Information Technology organizations begins the process of centralizing servers. It used with architecture principles of centralized management requirement for network to scale, network architecture needs to be able to support enhanced services in addition to just raw connectivity, distributed processing is required both for scalability ability and services, network support continuously increase the level of throughputs etc. Wireless LAN product architectures have evolved from single autonomous access points to systems, consisting of a centralized Access Controller and Wireless Termination Points. The basic goal of centralized control architectures is to move access control, including user authentication and authorization, mobility & radio management, from one access point to centralized controller. The Wireless network Control Protocol allows for access and control of large-scale wireless local area networks. It can allows management of these networks, Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points In computer networking, a wireless access point is a device that allows wireless devices to connect to wired network using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or related standards. The WAP usually connects to a router via a wired network, and can relay data between the wireless devices such as computers or printers and wired devices on the network





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