International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


One way to detect and thwart a network attack is to compare each incoming packet with predefined patterns, also Called an attack pattern database, and raise an alert upon detecting a match. This article presents a novel pattern-matching Engine that exploits a memory-based, programmable state machine to achieve deterministic processing rates that are Independent of packet and pattern characteristics. Our engine is a self addressable memory based finite state machine (sam- Fsm), whose current state coding exhibits all its possible next states. Moreover, it is fully reconfigurable in that new attack Patterns can be updated easily. A methodology was developed to program the memory and logic. Specifically, we merge “non-equivalent” states by introducing “super characters” on their inputs to further enhance memory efficiency without Adding labels. This is the most high speed self addressable memory based fsm.sam-fsm is one of the most storage-Efficient machines and reduces the memory requirement by 60 times. Experimental results are presented to demonstrate the Validity of sam-fsm.



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