International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


The reliability of wireless sensor networks (WSN) is affected by faults that may occur due to various reasons such as malfunctioning hardware, software glitches, dislocation, or environmental hazards, e.g. fire or flood. Due to inherent nature of these networks a sensor node may fail and hence the route may also fail. A WSN that is not prepared to deal with such situations may suffer a reduction in overall lifetime, or lead to hazardous consequences in critical application contexts. One of the major fault recovery techniques is the exploitation of redundancy, which is often a default condition in WSNs. Another major approach is the involvement of base stations or other resourceful nodes to maintain operations after failures. In this paper we proposed a fault tolerant method for fast, robust and guaranteed prorogation in sensor networks. The proposed multi path routing approach offer better bandwidth utilization, energy saving and guaranteed delivery of information. This approach also includes error reporting features. Before sending an event source node check the remaining Energy level and highest Data rate among all its gradients and select the path on the basis of route score which consider above factors.





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