International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


As the technology is improving so are the demands of end users and their applications increasing. A wide variety of new applications are being invented daily. These applications have different demands from the underlying network protocol suite. High bandwidth internet connectivity has become a basic requirement to the success of almost all of these areas. For the following concern Wireless networks have recently received a lot of attention. The most promising issue that needs to be taken into account while considering a wireless network is Quality of service (QoS). In this paper work we have considered a handover mechanism for IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi and perform some modifications in that like firstly we increased the range of the access point and secondly increases the speed of Mobile Node (MN) and then study the effect of these changes on QoS in respective throughput delay and jitter. For the simulation purpose we have make use of wireless simulator NS-2 (Network Simulator version 2). Thus aim of this paper is to study the variations in average throughput, delay and jitter with the increased range of access point and increasing speed of mobile node with the help of NS-2 software.





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