International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network

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Implementation of a Smart Temperature Controller in Real Time using Lab VIEW


In modern era, the remote online control of any process becomes a real necessity in the industrial communities as well as in academic institutions all around the world. This paper presents a latest approach to design and develop a virtual instrumentation based online remote access control experiment laboratory, which allows users to perform control experiment through internet using latest LabVIEW technology. The software enables complex & expensive equipments to be replaced by simpler & less expensive hardware. This paper describes about the development and implementation of a temperature controller in real time using Data Socket Communication Protocol in LabVIEW. The proposed system is connected to a server computer using a digital temperature sensor circuit board. The objective of this experiment is to maintain the temperature inside a closed chamber that is heated by a set of light bulbs at some set point value, selected by a remote client. This controlling system can uniquely monitor the whole set-up and can control the temperature online successfully.