International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


The SCVM, which stands for Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine, creates IP SAN storage as virtual machine, providing the user with the ability to consolidate their virtual data center. The SCVM can fully manage and has features for the storage over local as well as networked VMs. This can be attained through virtual switch or physical network connection. It provides an advanced, fully featured iSCSI SAN / Storage within an SAN Server. The user does not need another box for the storage. One just has to create an iSCSI Virtual SAN Appliance along with the Server Virtual Machines within the same hardware platform. This is not only Increases the productivity, but also simplifies the management, and reduces the power and rack space by simply loading an SCVM in a Virtual Machine. By creating an iSCSI Target within a Virtual Server, SCVM’s customers may reallocate existing hardware resources to create business continuity and disaster recovery solution. This is achieved by any of two ways, be it SCVM’s synchronous mirroring within the datacenter and distributed campus, or be it the asynchronous mirroring (replication) between remote facilities.



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