International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


In VANET high speed is the real characteristics which leads frequent breakdown, interference etc. In this paper we studied various Ad hoc routing protocols, Reactive, Proactive & Hybrid, taking in to consideration various VANET parameters like speed, altitude etc in real traffic scenario and evaluated them for various battery models for energy conservation.. The AODV and DYMO (Reactive), OLSR (Proactive) and ZRP (hybrid) protocols are compared for battery models Duracell AA(MX- 1500),Duracell AAA(MN-2400),Duracell AAA(MX-2400), Duracell C-MN(MN-1400),Panasonic AA standard using Qualnet as a Simulation tool. Since Energy conservation is main focus area now days. Hence performance of the protocols with various battery models counts and helps to make a right selection. Varying parameters of VANET shows that in the real traffic scenarios proactive protocol performs more efficiently for energy conservation.



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