International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


securing the information dissemination is an important issue in wireless sensor network. Previously, there is no available work on the integrated design of trust model and SPIN-PP protocol (sensor Protocols for Information via Negotiation) for information dissemination in wireless sensor networks. In this paper, to improve the quality of this a trust based sensor protocol for information dissemination in a point to point media is proposed. Here, first find out trust values of all the nodes by the trust model. In the existing trust models each node’s trust table contains trust value of all its neighbors. But in this proposed solution each node’s trust table contain only its own value. So there is no need for broadcasting the trust values of all the nodes. This will reduce the transmission overhead over the network. Then SPIN-PP is used for information dissemination over the network. Here the information can be send to the nodes with trust value higher than or equal to the threshold



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