International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network

Editorial Policy

The authors should strictly follow the given guidelines for preparing the manuscripts to be submitted to the journal. Manuscripts not adhering to the journal format and style may need revision or may also be rejected. Also, the journal reserves all right, to make further language corrections or formal changes in an accepted manuscript to comply with the formatting requirements of the journal. Author(s) will be solely responsible for all the claims and statements made in their work and acquiring the required permission for republishing any materials that has been previously published.

The Editorial Process

The submitted manuscript will have to go through double blind peer review process for publication. The manuscript must be original, must not be published anywhere previously, must not be simultaneously submitted to multiple journals or conferences; moreover, the submitted manuscript must not be accepted already for publication anywhere else. One of the authors has to be authorized to correspond with the respective Journal for all the matters related to the publication of the submitted manuscript. The prescribed Journal format and guidelines must be strictly followed for the preparation of the manuscripts. The received manuscripts will be duly acknowledged. Initially, formal review of the manuscript will be carried out by the editors on submission for suitability to the respective Journal. Manuscripts lacking originality, with serious technical or scientific issues and not related to the scope of the Journal then it will be rejected in the first stage itself. Manuscripts satisfying the basic requirements in the first stage will be sent for technical review to two or more experts in the concerned area. Selecting expert reviewers for double blind review is at the complete discretion of the editor. The Journals follow double-blind review process where the reviewers and authors will be unaware of each other. The corresponding author will be conveyed about the acceptance/rejection/amendments needed along with the reviewer comments and suggestions as received. The final decision on the manuscript will be taken by the editor on the basis of reviewer comments and suggestions. In case of revisions, the author is requested to provide the response to the reviewer comments on a point to point basis in the manuscript’s revised version. This process will be repeated until the reviewers and editors are satisfied with the quality of the submitted manuscript.

After acceptance, the final version of the manuscript will be next copy edited for print style, grammar and punctuation's. Copy editing will be followed by the process of proofreading where corresponding authors will receive proofs of the manuscripts. The corresponding author must return the corrected proofs within deadline. Corrections submitted after deadline may not be incorporated. The entire editorial process will be accomplished online for faster publication.

Authorship criteria

Authorship credit of the submitted manuscript should be established on the below mentioned components:

1.Conceptualization or design of the research work of the submitted manuscript; 2.Acquisition or analysis of data; 3.Initial drafting or revising of the manuscript to enhance the quality; 4.Finalizing the last version of the manuscript to be published.

All the contributors should participate sufficiently in preparing the manuscript. The order sequence in which the contributors’ name will appear should be according to relative contribution towards conducting the research work and preparation of the manuscript as well. Once the manuscript is submitted, the order of the contributors’ names cannot be changed.

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism, defined as the representation of another author’s thoughts, language, ideas, without giving appropriate credit to their true source or the original author(s). Plagiarism is considered as a violation of academic ethics and integrity. At IRNET, we deal with problems related to plagiarism and other scientific misconduct issues by following the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). IRNET uses Turnitin for screening plagiarism of the submitted articles.

Copyright Policy

In order to IRNET to publish and disseminate research articles, certain publishing rights are needed from authors. These rights to transfer copyright to IRNET are determined by a publishing agreement between IRNET and the author. Copyright Form can be downloaded from the provided link.

Conflicts of Interest/ Competing Interests

Authors of the submitted manuscript are supposed to disclose all possible conflicts of interest (if any) which they might have with any institution, organization or product mentioned in the manuscript.

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts to be submitted should be written in English language and must be submitted to the respective Journal. Manuscripts should have liberal margins and space at the top and bottom of the page. All manuscripts must be submitted online through the respective Journal link.

Cover Letter

The authors must clearly state the purpose of the paper indicating its importance to the respective field of research and its expected contribution in the cover letter. The authors must also disclose all conflicts of interests regarding funding sources or products or institutions (if any).