International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


The power demand is continuously increasing due to population growth and changes in lifestyle. Due to shortage of generation and transmission facilities it is desired to increase the existing transmission line power transfer capacity in order to meet the rising demand. Fixed capacitors(FC) and TCSC FACTS device are used to increase the power flow of the line .The advantage in TCSC is that it provides variable compensation instead of fixed compensation by FC. In the present work the comparison of power flow enhancement by fixed capacitors , single TCSC and two modules of TCSC are done for three cases . The three cases are load is suddenly increased and decreased, load is suddenly decreased and increased, load is increased and then further increased. Various Power quality issues like voltage sag ,voltage swell are discussed. The THD voltage and receiving end voltage with different controllers/devices are shown. The power flow is more with TCSC in the system than with FC. The power flow is further enhanced using two modules of TCSC in the system.



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