International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


Modern electric power utilities are facing many challenges due to increasing complexity in their operation and structure. In the recent times, one of the problems that got wide attention is the power system instabilities due to lack of new transmission facilities. Existing transmission facilities can be better utilized by installing Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices. The TCSC is the most effective FACTS device used to increase the power transferable capabilities of the transmission line. This paper presents a Sensitivity analysis based Complex Power Flow Sensitivity Index (CPSI) calculated for placing the TCSC at an appropriate location. Once the location to install the TCSC is determined, the optimal tuning of the TCSC is determined through BAT Algorithm. The BAT Algorithm is implemented on multi-criterion objective function to minimize total real power loss, total voltage magnitude deviations, the fuel cost of total real power generation and the branch loading to obtain the Optimal Power Flow. Simulations have been carried out in MATLAB software for the IEEE 57-bus system. The results have been taken for BAT Algorithm based Optimal Power Flow without and with TCSC. The results obtained with BAT Algorithm were compared with Genetic Algorithm (GA).





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