International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


This paper discusses the design of a virtual instrument for detection and analysis of power quality disturbances in Power System using Wavelet Packet Transform with the help of LabVIEW® algorithm. The virtual instrument designed can operate in different working modes depending on the type of power quality disturbances to be detected and analyzed. Different wavelet analysis (discrete or wavelet-packet transform), with different mother wavelet, decomposition tree and different sampling rate is performed on the input signal either in real-time or off-line. The instrument also permits the partial implementation of a wavelet decomposition tree when we are only interested in a specific frequency band in the input signal. The real signals from chroma programming are used in LabVIEW® algorithm by Data Acquisition (DAQ) card to acquire and digitize the input line signal to obtain the results. The results obtained in simulation using real signals demonstrate good performance of the instrument developed for the detection and analysis of different power quality disturbances with proper time information of the signal. This helps us to analyze the power quality problems to improve the supply quality of the power system effectively by taking proper preventive measures





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