International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


In High Power Pulsed Radar Transmitters the gridded TWT are used and consists of floating deck modulator unit which houses the Grid and Filament power supplies. The Grid Control includes the Grid Positive & Grid Negative Power Supplies. The Positive voltage is used to turn on the TWT & Negative voltage is used to operate the TWT in off state. The Filament power supply heats the cathode to required temperature to emit electrons. The aim of the project is to design the Grid power supplies and Filament Power supply based on the Fly back Converter topology which is operated at 100 KHz in DCM mode and CCM mode respectively. The Pulse width modulation technique is used to maintain the voltage at desired value using an IC UC1526.The switching device is protected against over currents by pulse to pulse current limiting using current transformer and current limit comparator of uc1526.



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