International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


Modern lifestyle has put natural resources under unprecedented strain. The ever increasing demand for energy asks for not only increase in the production of energy but for ways and means to efficiently manage energy from various sources. Pakistan is experiencing the worst energy crisis in its history that has crippled its economy and impeded its GDP growth. Absence of any potent government effort to resolve the crisis has forced the households to look for alternate sources of energy. The solutions employed by the household range from gas powered generator units to solar and wind power units. Fluctuations in gas supply have necessitated the diversity of power sources. Households employing diverse sources of energy need a system that can efficiently manage the available sources of energy to meet the baseline and peak load requirements by using a cost effective mix of the available sources. This paper proposes a smart energy management system that provides the household with a cost effective mix of energy from the available power sources i.e. solar, wind, gas powered generator and the utility (grid).





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