International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


With increase in load, any transmission, distribution and generating model suffers from disturbances. These disturbances effect the overall stability of the system. Criterias like voltage profile, power flows, losses tell us about the state of the system under study. Load flow analysis of the system under study is capable of providing the insight of the system. The Emergence of FACTS device is really a step forward for the flexible control or Power System Operations. FACTS is the name given to the application of the power electronics devices to control power flows and other quantities in the power system. But when it comes to implementation stage, optimizing the location becomes a great concern because of the high cost involved with FACTS devices especially converter like SVC, STATCOM etc. Static Var Compensator (SVC) is a power quality device, which employs power electronics to control the reactive power flow of the system where it is connected. It is able to provide fast-acting reactive power compensation on electrical systems. SVC is one of the methods and can be applied to obtain a system with least losses, increased power flow and healthy voltage profile. Number, location and size of SVC are the main concerns and they can be optimized to a great extent by Genetic Algorithm (GA) or any other method. Use of SVC in a system has shown considerable increase in voltage profile and power flows while decrease in losses.





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