International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


Energy audit and conservation is the burning issue nowadays due to the tremendous scarcity of electricity across the county. It is specifically quantifies as optimum use of electricity available. Normally it is extended to all the sectors viz, Industrial, commercial, residential as well as agriculture. Energy efficiency is a technique which needs to be adopted seriously and religiously for effective energy conservation. Energy saved by efficient use of energy of any electrically operated device not only leads to monetary saving but is extra energy generated for the use elsewhere. Indian power sector is caught between the pressure of adding new generating capacities to match the rapid growing demand of power to achieve economic and social development and the environmental challenges which is why our per capita power consumption is still 778 KWh only. Therefore by implementing Energy conservation in thermal power plant we try to recover the losses which go waste. By energy management, one can draw a line between the avoidable and un-avoidable losses and plan to minimize the same. So measurement Energy is a must within a plant. This paper describes basic understanding and awareness about energy conservation around the thermal power plant and also explains the energy saving measures at thermal power plant so as to minimize the auxiliary power consumption.





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