International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


In this paper, A Software-Defined Radio (SDR) RF front-end is presented that contains merged LNA and mixers, VGAs, and frequency synthesizer, supporting various wireless communication standards in 0.1-2 GHz while guaranteeing a power/performance trade-off at any time. The proposed low power RF front-end uses the folded and current reuse techniques. for 0.18 um RF CMOS technology with 1.8V supply voltage. In the receive path the proposed design achieves a Noise Figure of 3.8 dB at 160 MHz and 5.5 dB at 2GHz. The Output-referred 3rd-order Intercept Point (OIP3) is high up to 21.3 dBm at 800 MHz. The voltage gain of the front- end is between 16-44 dB. The phase mismatch of LO quadrature signals is lower than 3deg.It consumes 13.8 mW at the 1.7V supply.





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