International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


The concept of shaping domestic and commercial loads can be an effective way of controlling the load profile of a distribution company. Flat energy rates don’t provide incentives to customers to use power as would be optimal from a utility point of view. Price of energy should be fluctuating according to peak or off peak load condition. Smart meters can offer solution to this by allowing sophisticated measurement of consumption and using real time pricing (RTP) signals sent by utility. The consumer can minimize their expenses on energy by adjusting their intelligent appliances operation. Home Energy Controllers (HEC) control appliances at domestic and commercial consumer’s premises to save energy, reduce cost, increase reliability, efficiency and transparency. In this paper different automated meter reading (AMR) technologies and architecture of smart meter are discussed. Appliance scheduling approach is realized here with help of MATLAB simulation to keep the peak power demand for the homes below target value and reduce the cost of energy





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