International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


This paper gives a complete computer simulation program of a single phase grid connected PV system using Matlab/Simulink and SimPower System tool in order to monitor the performance of each unit of the system during a selected day in the year representing a sunny day and another cloudy day using the hourly data of load demand, solar radiation and temperature at the college of Engineering, Pune site, as a case study. The system consists of a PV array subsystem as the primary source of energy, the electric grid as an auxiliary source of energy, the battery bank as a stand by source that feeds the electrical load in case of grid failure. This paper also focuses on the operation control of the system. This control is on/off switch control according to modes of operation of the system and there is a control of inverter using PI controller to achieve the maximum power point of the PV array. Finally this paper gives the simulation results of the required system output parameters; PV output power, grid power, load power, battery power, and battery voltage and state of charge.





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