International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


Today need for deterministic high data rate and high through put communication protocols for security critical applications and safety applications constantly increases. We can find easily many such applications in the automotive industry. As concepts like x-by-wire with x belongs to drive, steer, brake, etc., where steering arms and brake pipes are replaced by electric wires and integrated circuits, more and more popular, robust and fail-safe communication is needed to realize such functionality. Failures of these critical systems will almost immediately lead to severe accidents, personal injury and great loss to the society in all aspects. FlexRay is an option for upgrading existing network systems using CAN in the automotive industry as well as other industrial control applications. It could also be used for new applications in industrial automation, where safety and reliability in a work environment is of utmost importance, due to its deterministic approach to communication of the messages. This is helped by the use of a two channel topology where each channel is able to work independently, but the two channels can also be used to communicate the same information and as such has built in redundancy [1]. This paper will introduce the key features of the FlexRay protocol in automobile and power (Electric) window sliding design and implementation.



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