International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


Diagnostics and proper monitoring of power transformer plays a key role in the life expectancy of proper transformer. Mineral oil in transformer is the inseparable component of the dielectric insulation system. Information about the health of the power transformer that can be use to plan cost, maintenance, renovation and operational criteria can be accurately interpreted using UV- Spectrophotometer. As UV scan can only show the pictorial information of the age of the oil hence it is not advantageous in all aspects. In the present paper a decision tree method to determine the age of the transformer oil is introduced. The decision tree uses the UV/VIS spectroscopy absorbance values of the transformer oil which are in service at several locations. The decision tree method is designed so that the results of transformer oil can be examined quickly and automatically. The results obtained are compared with the UV/VIS spectroscopy for testing the accuracy of the decision tree and found that it is 100% accurate.





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