International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


In emerging electric power systems, increased transactions often lead to the situations where the system no longer remains in secure operating region. The flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) controllers can play a vital role in the power system security enhancement. However, due to high capital investment, it is necessary to place these controllers optimally in a power system. FACTS devices can regulate the active and reactive power control as well as adaptive to voltage-magnitude control simultaneously because of their flexibility and fast control characteristics. Placement of these devices at optimal location can lead to control in line flow and maintain bus voltages in desired level and so improve voltage profile and stability margins. This paper proposes a systematic method for finding optimal location of SVC to improve voltage profile of a power system. A contingency analysis to determine the critical outages with respect to voltage security is also examined in order to evaluate the effect of SVC on the location analysis. Effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated on IEEE 30-bus test system.





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