International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management


Electric Power Distribution System is a complex network of electrical power system. Also, large number of lines on a distribution system experiences regular faults which lead to high value of current. Speedy and precise fault location plays a pivotal role in accelerating system restoration which is a need of modern day. Unlike transmission system which involves a simple connection, distribution system has a very complicated structure thereby making it a herculean task to design the network for computational analysis. In this paper, the authors have simulated IEEE 13- node distribution system using PSCAD which is an unbalanced system and current samples are generated at the substation end. A Fuzzy c-mean (FCM) and statistical based approach has been used. Samples are transformed as clusters by use of FCM and fed to Expectation- Maximization (EM) algorithm for classifying and locating faults in an unbalanced distribution system. Further, it is to be kept in mind that the combination has not been used for the above purpose as per the literature available till date.





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