International Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Technology


It was developed by us a medicinal products line that includes components of Populus balsamifera L., Populus tremula L., Chelidonium majus L., Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. The basis for the creation of the line was vegetative parts of balsam poplar. It was developed and patented a new method of obtaining biologically active substances from balsam poplar. It was determined the dynamics of changes in various indices of herbal raw material. The antiseptic tincture and suppositories on the base of substance were developed. Selected fraction of terpenoids uses as remedy and effectively fights all forms of lung tuberculosis pathogens, removes bacterial and fungal infection, helps to improve immunity, and forces the bronchus cure. An aerosol form of medication on the basis fraction of terpenoids is being developed. It is developed composition of the dosage form (syrup), which includes wartwort alkaloids, phenolic compounds of aspen, an extract of licorice, for the treatment of concomitant assident fungus and bacterial flora. Keywords- balsam poplar, aspen, wartwort, licorice, essential oil, terpenoids, flavonoids, tuberculosis, bacterial and fungal infection, multidrug resistance, antioxidant, immunity, tincture, suppository, aerosol, dosage form..





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