International Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Technology


Wound healing is a complex and dynamic process which follows the normal physiology trajectory through the phases of homeostasis, inflammation, granulation and maturation. Malaysia has a rich collection of plant based healing. A large number of plants are used for the treatment of cuts and wounds by folklore traditions in Malaysia. Tinospora crispa Miers. (Menispermaceae) is popular in Asian countries for its miracle of curing diseases. T.crispa differs slightly from T.cordifolia which is well distributed in India. Considerable researches have reported the activity of this plant possessing anti-malarial, diabetes treatment etc. In Malaysia, it is used traditionally for wound healing. Hence, the present study was aimed to evaluate its scientific validity. Stems of the plant were air dried after reduced into smaller size. Dried stems were then crushed into coarse powder. Then it was introduced into methanolfor extraction by cold maceration technique. The extract was filteredafter 7 days andfractionatedwith addition of chloroform. The methanol and chloroform fractions were made to evaporate until concentrated and formulated into ointments.Albino rats were separated into four groups of six rats in each group.All four groups were divided and served as a control, methanol fraction, chloroform fraction and standard drug (Betadine) respectively. The methanol extract and chloroform extract were investigated for the evaluation of its healing efficiency on excision wound model in Albino rats. Woundclosure in percentage was used to evaluate the effect on wound healing.The methanol fraction and chloroform fraction showed a significant wound healing activity which was well comparable with the standard drug used. Methanol fraction ointment showed greater activity than chloroform fraction. This study indicated that the methanol fraction ointment possesses wound healing property which substantiates the folklore claim.





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