International Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Technology


Dengue (DENV) and Chikungunya (CHIKV) viruses are enveloped positive-strand RNA mosquito-borne viruses that have been disseminated worldwide. Both the viruses are dissimilar in many aspects like genome organization and expression, particle size and taxonomical status except two similar aspects i.e. mode of transmission and the disease pathogenecity. Reports are indicating the co-infection of the both the viruses in a same patient. In view of similarities and/or dissimilarities between these two viruses, we indented to identify the existence of homology between any two gene sequences of which one from each virus. For this study we have analyzed all the structural and non structural nucleotide sequences of DENV type 1 (ACCESSION no. NC_001477) and CHIKV IND-06-Guj strain (ACCESSION no. JF272477) using the computational techniques. The results indicated that there is no homology between structural genes of both viruses. But analysis of the non-structural genes revealed that DENV NS4B and CHIKV nsp2 is showing the considerable homology. It is reported that DENV NS4B is involved in maintaining the replication balance in mosquito and human hosts. Hence we predict based on our results, CHIKV nsp2 which is showing homology with the DENV NS4B also serving same purpose in case of CHIKV. Further functional analysis of DENV NS4B and CHIKV nsP2 revealed the information that both have role in IFN inhibition and likely to have an important role in viral pathogenesis. Identification of common or shared epitopes on these polypeptides could lead to the development of an immunogen which could serve as vaccine candidate for both the viruses.



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