International Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Technology


The present study aimed to examine the radioprotective potentiality and efficacy of Pistia stratiotes against damage induced by 60Co gamma radiation. Mice were exposed to 4 Gy 60Co gamma rays. MeOH extract (50 and 100 mg/kg body wt) was administered orally with irradiation. Bone marrow protection was evaluated by scoring the different types of individual aberrations, aberrant metaphases and micronuclei formation. Significant reduction in number of aberrant cells and different type of aberrations was observed in treated group compared to irradiated untreated group of animals. The administration of MeOH leaf extract of Pistia stratiotes to the animals showed significant reduction in micronucleus induction. The presence of large amount of two di-Cglycosylflavones of the vicenin and lucenin and lesser amounts of the anthocyanin cyaniding-3-glucoside and a luteolin-7-glycoside, and traces of the mono- C-glycosyl flavones, vitexin and orientin found to be responsible for the observed bioefficacy. Our findings support the use of Pistia stratiotes (ignored weed) as health promoting food and its potential for clinical use.



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