International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


The present work is mainly discussed with a qualitative study of engine’s significant characteristics fuelled with mahua bio-diesel & its different types of mixtures with neat diesel. The significant technical properties of various mixtures are tabulated. A 4-S multi-cylinder (6-Cylinder) DI conventional CI engine is used for the study under different speed modes. All types of characteristics for various mixtures are estimated in running the engine. Pure diesel is indicated by B-0 and pure mahua bio-diesel is represented by B-100. From the test results, it is found that B-25 gives almost the same BTE as B-0 at maximum load, compared to all the blends. The blend B-0 and B-25 give the least SFC of 0.332 and 0.268 kg/kWh at minimum speed (1200 rpm) and maximum speed (2400 rpm) at maximum load as contrasted to all mixtures. The B-100 gave 3.01% of NOx while related to B-0 @ lower speed.





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