International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Natural or artificial energy is the first essential component for development. That is why man always tries his best for the utilization of all possible sources of energy for the fulfillment of his every day needs. Due to this reason today we are getting the most new and advanced sources of energy which compensate certain amount of energy problems due to the limitations of organic fuel sources. This project is aimed to see the different sources of energy, then for requirement how it is utilized by different conversion methods and during conversion unwanted thing comes in the form of waste and emission which is most challenging to the present society. We look in this project how; we can make a balance cycle by regeneration of waste and pollution because this is practical example of the beautiful earth. In this report we analyze the total fuel energy basically (coal) utilized in India to meet the required demand and thus amount of emission generate by the combustion of coal in different power plants. Then in the next part how the emissive gases and waste can be controlled and re-utilized for various industrial or other applications. Due to which there may be the maximum utilization of waste and emission control can possible. After various analysis and calculation it is found that the use of natural gas for power plants and for other industrial application is more beneficial over the coal and diesel which generates 10 to 15% less emission by consuming half of fuel rate.





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