International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


The paper details the approach to improve the productivity and conserving human energy in Manual loading activity. Manual loading is one of the primary activities and consumes a good amount of time for the mining crew in the underground mines. With formulation of the mathematical model, improvements in the present method of Manual loading which can conserve human energy besides increasing the productivity and reducing the time required. This mathematical model predicts the optimization of Manual loading activity. Some of the variables used to formulate this model are (1) Environment of working area, which include the ergonomic aspects; i.e. various postures of the worker, anthropometric data of the miners and environmental aspects such as illumination, ambient temperature, relative humidity and air circulation facility around the work station (2)Tools used by miner which include geometric dimensions of tools, (3) Loading of the Ore per unit time, human energy consumption etc., based on the data collected of these variables, mathematical model is formulated.





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