International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


The present study brings out the thorough analysis of isotropic and orthotropic fixed rectangular plate with center circular hole under transverse static loading condition. In this paper influence of stress concentration and deflection due to singularity for isotropic and orthotropic composite materials under different parametric conditions is obtained. The effect of thickness -to- width of plate (T/A) and diameter-to-width (D/A) ratio upon stress concentration factor (SCF) for different stresses were studied. An isotropic and one composite material were considered for analysis to determine the variation of SCF with elastic constants. Deflection in transverse direction were calculated and analyzed. Results are presented in graphical form and discussed. Three-dimensional finite element models were created using ANSYS software. Results showed that maximum stress appear near the vicinity of the hole at the upper and lower portions of the plate. The effect of material properties, (E1/E2) on SCF for stresses along x, y and z axis is established thorough this analysis.





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