International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Cup drawing is one of the important operations in sheet metal forming. Manufacturing of the aluminium base cup involves several stages such as blanking, first drawing, second drawing, taper formation and trimming. This increases the process time. An attempt has therefore, been made to develop a comprehensive, rigorous, yet easily-workable method of analysis for designing a die set to combine the intermediate stages of drawing process. Conventional drawing, inverted drawing and warm forming processes are experimented for yielding successful drawing in single setup. Die sets are separately designed for above said processes. The die sets, thus designed is simulated using DEFORM-F2 to analyze the successful Drawability of the die sets. From the simulations conducted, the die set designed for warm forming process yields greater Limiting Draw Ratio (LDR). Using warm forming process, the LDR of 2.0 was achieved which is much higher when compared with the conventional drawing.





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