International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Thermal Insulations play a great role in keeping the flow of energy from hot to cold bodies to a minimum. Quality and effectiveness of thermal insulation is of prime importance and unless the properties of insulation are evaluated there is little chance of improvement of their performance. It is essential that properties of insulations be evaluated for acceptability according to national and international standards. In the present study, various tests were performed on Rigid cellular insulation (Thermocol) as per IS 11239 to determine the temperature at which the insulation get distorted as well as to study its characteristics when the insulation get ignited in vertical as well as horizontal positions. The statistical analysis of experimental results was carried out at 95 % confidence level for all the tests and the % error in various parameters was found to be within ± 1 to 3%. The findings of the present study may be helpful to the researchers, manufacturers and industries dealing with the similar insulating materials.





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