International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Engines are the devices which can produce a huge amount of energy and can move heavy things such as automobiles and ships. Usually the power which is being produced by a engine varies directly with the amount of fuel combusted in the combustion chamber. Over the years much new technological advancement were made to increase the power output from the engine. This includes the incorporation of systems such as turbochargers, superchargers, ECU’s etc. These devices consume some power to increase the output from the engine. The modification proposed will increase the torque and the power output from the engine without consuming any power. This is achieved by incorporating a diffuser shape in the cylinder block which increases the pressure acting on the piston head thus increasing the engine rating without the help of external devices. In this paper the modified cylinder block has been created using CATIA and then its flow properties are analysed using CFD and the results are compared with a engine having a normal cylinder block .It is seen that the ratings of the modified cylinder are higher than the ratings of the unmodified cylinder.





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