International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


This project deals with the analysis of adhesively bonded single lap riveted joints. The present work involves the appropriate configuration and characterization of these joints for maximum utilization. The present study includes the effectiveness of bond line thickness, the bonded layer configuration. This is also applicable to dissimilar thickness joints, but in this project we have placed the adhesives at different places for riveted joints. The finite element technique was used throughout the analysis of present work. The present work showed that riveted bonded joints are superior in strengthening to the riveted joints. The riveted bonded joint seems to strengthen and balance the stress and distributed uniformly. This improves the efficiency and life time of the riveted joints; this is also applicable to dissimilar thickness and dissimilar metals joints for balancing, uniform distribution of stress and without any effect of corrosion on dissimilar metals. Modeling and analysis of adhesively bonded single riveted lap joint can be done by using ansys with a version of 13.0.





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