International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Nowadays Oil exploration in offshore area is responsible for increasingly greater percentage of production in the world. So mooring Systems play key role. Failure of a single component in a mooring line can produce incalculable damages. Due to environmental loading the mooring changes its position. Each component in the mooring are subjected to angular tensions from top and bottom. It produces strong non linearity in the components. Shackle is the critical part of this mooring system. Analysis of shackle is carried out by consideration of variation in angle from 1˚ to 5˚ in Plane and Out of Plane with ANSYS 12. An attempt has been made to analyze the effect of force angle on proof load. As the variation in angle increases from 1˚ to 5˚, proof load decreses. Validation of results are carried out by using horizontal UTM.





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