International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


this paper ―Evaluation Of Mechanical properties of coir fiber reinforced polymer matrix Composites‖ Natural fibres can be easily obtained in many tropical and available throughout the world. Today these fibres are considered as environment friendly materials owing to their biodegradability and renewable characteristics. The goal of this paper is to determine the mechanical (Static & Dynamic) properties of a proposed combined polymer composite which consist of a polyester matrix and coconut fibres (also known as coir fibres). The influence of fibres volume on the mechanical properties was also evaluated. Composites with volumetric amounts of coconut fibre up to 10% were fabricated and they were arranged in randomly oriented discontinues form. Tensile test was carried out to determine the strength of material by using Universal Testing Machine. The acquired results show that the tensile modulus changes with the fibre content. The strength of coconut fibre reinforced composites tends to decrease with the amount of fibre which indicates ineffective stress- transfer between the fibre and matrix. It was observed that the effects of reinforcing polyester matrix with the coconut fibres causes the composites to be more flexible and easily deform due to high strain values. In fact, it may also be used to reduce high resonant effect.





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