International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


This paper contains the gearbox casing analysis by finite element method (FEM). In previous study the thermal stresses have been affected on the performance of gearbox casing during the running conditions. So, this problem solve by thermal stress analysis method. Thermal stress analysis is the process of analyzing the effect of thermal and mechanical loads, and heat transfer of gearbox casing. In this paper, thermal stresses have been analyzed on gearbox casing, and thus temperature field has been coupled to the 3-Dimensional structure model using Fem. Paper also describes convection effect between the inner-surface of casing and the circulating oil which has been found small and thus neglected. Study of equivalent von-mises stresses in inner and outer gearbox casing with the coupled method has been done using ANSYS software. Result shows thermal stress analysis and deformation value under the action of force and heat. Result finds the thermal stress of the gearbox casing is 68.866 Mpa and 0.15434 mm for the deformation of the gearbox casing.





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