International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Wear by slurry abrasion occurs during transport of abrasive slurries encountered in industrial and specially mining applications, extruders, and in slurry pumps. Steel piping systems are widely used in mining to convey the mineral, ore and tailing slurries to the processing plant, as well as to recycle the debris medium back to the mining area. Hardfacing by welding is one of the economic methods to improve wear resistance of engineering components. The present work reports slurry abrasion behaviour of hardfaced martensitic stainless steel under a wide range of experimental condition. The slurry abrasion experiments were performed using slurry abrasion test apparatus using silica sand as the abrasive medium. The effect of test parameter such as sliding distance, normal load and slurry concentration of abrasive medium on slurry abrasion behaviors of martensitic stainless steel was investigated. The slurry abrasion volume loss exhibited increasing trend with increasing sliding distance, normal load and slurry concentration, although the magnitude of increase was different in each case. The results of the investigation suggest and slurry concentration had relatively stronger effect as compared to that of normal load.. The morphological studies of the worn surfaces revealed characteristic differences in the wear pattern under different test conditions.





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