International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


The growing concern for energy, economy and environment calls for efficient utilization of natural resources in developing useful work. Second law of thermodynamics provides different perspective compared with first law. This paper provides an overview of the quantitative levels of exergy destruction and chemical irreversibilities during the combustion. For the adiabatic combustion at constant volume, entropy generation approach with second law of thermodynamics is applied. The result of this study is based on a spark ignition, single cylinder combustion engine with stoichiometric condition. Iso-octane, methane, methanol and ethanol are the fuels examined. This study shows that exergy destruction during combustion decreases with the increase in reactant temperature and compression ratios, for all the fuels. Exergy destruction during combustion using entropy balance approach for compression ratio range of 7 to 11 found to vary between 16.18 to 21.52%. Chemical irreversibilities calculated at the restricted dead state are found to be in the range of 2.99 to 3.6% for different fuels





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