International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Double pass solar air heater (DPSAH) consisted of rectangular duct provided with artificial roughness on both side of the absorber plate has been experimentally investigated. Circular ribs of aluminium wire is used to provide roughness to increase heat transfer coefficient between absorber plate and air. Ribs are attached to absorber plate at four different angle of attackbetween 30° to 75° . Experiment is carried out over the range of Reynolds Number from 4900 to 12000, and relative roughness height (e/Dh) varies from 0.022 to 0.044. Experimentally different values of Nusselt number(Nu). and friction factor(fr) have been determined for various parameters. The enhance-ment in heat transfer and increment in the friction factor values of Nusselt number and friction factor have also been compared with the smooth one.





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