International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


The present research is concerned with proper recovery of the R-22 [1] gas, which is widely used in various R.A.C. fields on the system failure and reusing these recovered gases again for the future use. It is well known that various cooling units are widely spread in their applications and are circulating R-22 as a refrigerant. It is intended to recover this type of refrigerant by any means preventing its ill effects on environment. The time required for recovering is less, hence the system requires less time. The recovery rate of the unit ranges between 1 to 2 kg/min for 1 ton capacity of the system. We can use the unit for any ton capacity of the breakdown system refrigeration and air conditioning system to recover the gas. The. Global warming [2] is the process wherein the average temperature of the Earth's near surface air increases, owing largely to various man-made activities. Though there are some natural causes for this rise in temperature, they stand to be insignificant when compared to the man-made causes. Understanding global warming & green house gas causes and effects can give us a brief idea of the dreadful phenomena our future generations may have to face. There are some of the prominent global warming causes and effects.





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