International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Mud has prominent role in drilling operation, it enhances to protect the drilling well from blowout by obstructing the formation pressure and failure. It gives exact information about presence of formation gasses and fluids at every part of the drilled hole. It‘s very essential to maintain mud with different proportions to have proper and un-interrupted drilling process. Because estimating earth formation is of much difficulty and active mud should readily available at every instant. In order to have proper and un-interrupted drilling process and to maintain mud with different proportions mud activating devices viz., mud-agitator and mud gun are used in existing mud tanks. On observation it is found that nearly 33% of mud in the tank is not influenced with these activating devices. Due to which the flow of mud from the tanks to the drill string is not in exact composition and also there is accumulation of mud chemicals[17] at the bottom of the tank which causes several problems. This paper emphasizes the design of shaft-blade assembly which runs horizontally along the length of the tank in order to activate mud in that tank effectively. The shaft-blade assembly was designed and analyzed in the ANSYS and from the results it was found that the stresses in the shaft-blade materials are well within the limits for the proposed design. Economic aspects of the design are also discussed in this paper at the end.





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