International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Rising petroleum prices, increasing threat to the environment from exhaust emissions and global warming have generated intense international interest in developing alternative non-petroleum fuels for engines. The present work aims to find out the prospects and opportunities of using methyl esters of castor as fuels in an automobile. The suitability of such fuels in transportation vehicles helps in saving foreign exchange and use can be made of locally available resources. Tests were conducted on a four stroke, four cylinder, D.I. diesel engine with Diesel and Biodiesel. The results of the emission tests on smoke meter are compared for 100% castor biodiesel (BC100) with that of neat diesel. No modifications were done on the engine. The results indicate that there is a reduction of 30%-35% in smoke density while using Biodiesel. It can be thus be concluded that methyl esters of castor oil can be used as a substitute for diesel fuel in automobiles.





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