International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


In this paper a detailed “Fatigue Analysis of Aluminum Alloy Wheel under Radial Load”. During the part of project a static and fatigue analysis of aluminum alloy wheel A356.2 was carried out using FEA package. The 3 dimensional model of the wheel was designed using CATIA. Then the 3-D model was imported into ANSYS using the IGES format. The finite element idealization of this modal was then produced using the 10 node tetrahedron solid element. The analysis was performed in a static condition. This is constrained in all degree of freedom at the PCD and hub portion. The pressure is applied on the rim. We find out the total deformation, alternative stress and shear stress by using FEA software. And also we find out the life, safety factor and damage of alloy wheel by using S-N curve. S-N curve is input for a A.356.2 material.





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