International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


“Composites are the combination of a reinforcement fibre in a thermoset polymer resin matrix, where the reinforcement has an aspect ratio that enables the transfer of loads between fibres, and the fibres are chemically bonded to the resin matrix.” FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) Sandwich structure are defined as a three layer type of construction a thick layer known as core and two thin polymer layer known as face . In automobile and aerospace industries FRP composites are used due to numerous advantage like mechanical, chemical, thermal properties and light weight. The mechanical, thermal chemical properties can be optimize by stabilizing the core[1][2]. For this study various raw material characterization done .Aluminium honeycomb used as a Core material (25mm thick) and Epoxy prepreg (layer used as a face sheet material) & PU foam provide housing for core [5]. The experiment conducted according to raw material characterization test report . by autoclave curing At a particular temperature, pressure ,vacuum with respect to time process optimized ,sandwich cured and stabilized. Finally the test conducted According to ASTMD & DIN standard as a result it shows that the stabilized FRP sandwich having excellent mechanical properties compare to core crushing FRP sandwich.





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