International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Desiccant cooling technology can be used to solve a variety of building comfort, quality and energy related issues. The main objective of my research work was to assess the feasibilities of utilization of solar energy for regeneration of desiccant wheel by hot air provided by solar air heater. It will help in saving electrical energy for regeneration of desiccant wheel. In the research work the following assumptions are made: a. The weight of this system is very less and the structure is also porous which allow easy passage for air b. There is very less pressure drop across the wheel of the desiccant system. c. Dew point is low in this system. d. It has the high capacity for removing moisture from air. e. Another advantage of this type of system is its simple ness f. The energy (electricity) required dehumidifying and cool ventilation air is reduced to a great extent g. Improves the efficiency of refrigeration equipment by operating at a higher evaporator temperatures and higher COPh. reduces the space





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