International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


In all manufacturing plants the machines and equipment’s are influenced by deterioration in performance due to its age and use, obsolescence due to improvement in technology and failure due to unplanned maintenance Improper maintenance leads to unavailability of machine Hence the effective maintenance becomes useful in improving equipment life, reducing manufacturing cost, improving quality and minimizing the many unforeseen losses which are responsible for reducing the potential of the manufacturing plant. This paper addresses the issue by taking a case study of a manufacturing company. Detailed analysis and calculations are carried out on data collected through discussion, interview and observations. The overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) calculation is used to find out the current situation of the production system of the case company. It calculates the availability of the production system which shows that maintenance system’s effectiveness. The quality rate calculations of the work stations show the conditions of the machines and the worker’s skill and the calculations of the performance efficiency of the work stations show the utilization of the machines. The result of analysis is presented here with recommendations to the company.





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