International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


This paper describes the development of a multi-body biomechanical model that can be used to assess the risk of low back disorders. A multi-segment link model is considered in this paper which represents a human body in which links represent various limbs such as arms, leg, foot, thigh, thorax etc. Force balance and moment balance equations are formed at different joints. Equations formed are written in form of a MATLAB program to determine the relationship between load lifted and muscle moment generated due to load. This biomechanical model was employed to clarify the role of various biomechanical factors such as magnitude of load, shape, size and location of load involved in the load lifting process. To determine safe lifting postures on the basis of model such that the reaction force at the L4 / L5 joint is minimum subjected to other joints not being overstressed is carried out. Various moment-load relationships between various joints are computed along with momentmoment relationships between various joints. The model is able to suggest the safe posture in manual material handling tasks. A geometric model for simulations of postural control is obtained with Matlab/Simulink software .





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