International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


In this paper, the design aspects of an embedded device which can control up to 8 devices by sending a specific SMS message from a mobile phone are presented. This controller is extremely handy at places where we have to control the ON and OFF switching of the devices but no wired connection to that place is available. To implement this, a GSM modem is connected to a programmed microcontroller which would receive the SMS from a reference cell phone. The control signal part of the received SMS is extracted and is changed to microcontroller-preferred format. A PC which is connected to the microcontroller using a serial communication through RS232 can be used for monitoring and transmission of the control signals to the modem. The monitoring is also done by interfacing a LCD to the microcontroller. AT commands were used for controlling the functionality of modem’s (Global Systems for Mobile Communication) is vastly used because of its simplicity in both transmitter and receiver design, can operate at 900 or 1800MHZ band, faster, more reliable and globally network. Here the system is capable of controlling the motor by receiving control message from an authorized mobile number. Microcontroller is the heart of our system, which controls the overall operation of our system. System is always alert for receiving SMS from valid number and that message can be displayed on the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). In the project work undertaken, GSM technology based automatic control system is designed to monitor and control speed of an Induction motor/DC motor and also performs necessary operation like start, stop, reverse the rotation ext.





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